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Expert Metal Finishers

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In business for more than 35 years and under the same ownership for the past 21 years, Sno-Belt Industries began as a business serving one large die casting company. Initially, our jobs included polishing and grinding. As time passed we developed new processes, including Deburring and Passivating. Today, we continue to provide high-quality work for manufacturers of all types. Let us consult with you regarding your Deburring, Passivating, Degreasing, Vapor Degreasing and Burnishing needs.


Metal parts are manufactured using many processes. These processes often create ragged edges(burrs). That's why we Deburr. Using different types of Media(stone), Grit(Aluminum Oxide), or just as simple as a part on part process with Corn Cob. We specialize in Deburring parts from .10in to 1ft.


This is an essential part of manufacturing. Particularly in industries from fabricating to assembling metal parts Ex. Aircraft, Appliances, Automotive, and Electronics. These processes are used to remove oils or any oil-borne soils, such as chips and metal fines from manufactured parts. Other than our process of Vapor Degreasing we offer Aqueous Degreasing. To accomplish a clean(Degreased) job we have many cleaning methods like Corn Cob and many different chemicals.

Vapor Degreasing

This is a very efficient process. It provides excellent Degreasing with very little handling of parts. We have a 240 gallon unit. The interior(work area) dimensions are 7' long x 3' wide. We Vapor Degrease using NPB solvent(n-Propyl Bromide) which boils at 160 degrees F. The solvent then turns into a vapor which cleans the parts. The parts are lowered into the machine and left in the vapors for the required time, the work piece is then moved up to the freeboard chilling area which is at a temp of -20 degrees F. Any remaining solvent evaporates and Degreasing is complete.

Citric Acid Passivation

Reasons we use Citric acid over Nitric: Environmentally safe, the removal of free iron from the surface is faster and also safer for the product and operator.

Contact us to learn more about our Deburring, Degreasing, Vapor Degreasing, Passivating and Burnishing needs.